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Hypnosis is the most effective method to stop smoking according to the largest ever scientific study of breaking the habit”

New Scientist, volume 136, issue 1845

Hypnotherapy stop smoking
Hypnotherapy stop smoking

The Journal of Applied Psychology reported that hypnosis was “many times more effective than Nicotine Replacement Therapy” (gum, patches, lozenges, nasal sprays and inhalers) to stop smoking.

Quit Smoking with Hypnosis – Success Rates

An 85% success rate was reported for people having one session of hypnosis to stop smoking. Acupuncture has a 25% one session success rate. Nicotine gum & patches (which have side effects) scores between 11 - 13%. On average, those wanting to quit smoking made an average of six attempts with Nicotine Replacement Therapy before they stopped.

Individually Tailored Treatment

Before hypnosis, you’ll be asked specific questions about your own smoking habits and why you want to stop. Your answers will determine which particular hypnosis techniques will best help you. Everyone’s smoking habit is slightly different. Knowing your own triggers really helps you work out how to stop smoking.

We will also give you practical tips on how to keep motivated after leaving the session, this includes teaching self-hypnosis.

Four Week after-care sessions*

Whilst the majority of my clients stop smoking in just one session, others can benefit from further support.

My quit smoking hypnosis package includes a four week after-care service for total peace of mind, which means that if you are one of the very few who requires additional support, I will reappoint you with as many sessions as you feel are necessary within the four weeks following the initial treatment session.

This entire package costs £350. Please explore my site to find out more or book your stop smoking hypnotherapy treatment opposite.


For the majority of smokers, smoking starts at a young age through a conscious decision and before long it becomes an addictive habit. Like any habit, it is hard to break by willpower alone because this has become a deeply ingrained part of who you are. You begin to rely on cigarettes in certain situations, and associate smoking with certain activities. Once this process has begun, the choice to smoke is no longer within your conscious control, so when you decide to give up it is extremely difficult. Non-smokers do not think about or desire cigarettes because it is not in their mindset, as it once was not in yours.

Once upon a time you were a healthy non-smoker who could engage in any activity, any situation, without even the slightest thought about cigarettes. Wouldn’t it be nice to get back to a place where cigarettes no longer consume your thoughts or your life? Hypnotherapy isn’t magic, but if you are committed to quitting and open to the idea of hypnosis, then this could be a very effective way for you to find freedom from your habit.

The aim of the stop smoking hypnotherapy treatment is for you to feel at ease and satisfied as a non-smoker. @ Oneness want you to feel content, rather than deprived. I want you to look forward to a future of better health and be liberated from the hold cigarettes has over you. For many of my clients, after just one session they experience no craving or desire to smoke, and they don’t need to avoid certain situations or friends who smoke. Nor do they replace cigarettes with food or other crutches.

Hypnotherapy helps change
Hypnotherapy helps change


Hypnosis is simply a very enjoyable and natural state of relaxation. Once you have made that decision, the treatment can help re-align the subconscious and conscious parts of your mind so that you are thinking, feeling, acting and behaving like a non-smoker once again.

It doesn’t matter how many cigarettes/cigars you smoke or for how long you have smoked. With the majority of my clients, it takes just one session.

The treatment is designed specifically to the individual. No two smokers are the same and each smoker has their own unique habits, desires and associations. I will address your individual smoking routines to give us the best possible chance of success.

Hypnotherapy Oldham Break free from smoking
Hypnotherapy Oldham Break free from smoking

How Many Sessions?

Hypnosis can effectively help you to quit smoking in one session. If you are a heavy smoker, two sessions can be particularly helpful if you smoke more than 15 cigarettes a day. But most people (even heavy smokers) give up completely after just one session.

However you want to do it, we’re available to support you. This can be between sessions or after you’ve finished.

Do You Really Want to Stop Smoking Now?

Motivation is really important! Every time a potential client contacts us, you get a free initial telephone conversation to ensure that you really do want to stop smoking, right now. If you only want to stop because someone else is pressurising you, then you’ll find it much harder to stop. The same applies if you are trying to stop at a time which is particularly stressful or difficult.

@ Oneness we will also help you work out any underlying problems which make you want a cigarette more. If you feel stressed, anxious or are struggling emotionally, we’ll help you cope. So you’ll feel happier, relaxed and more self confident. Which will obviously help you to stop smoking!

Your Stop smoking Session

Your session is a simple two-step process:

Step 1: I will discuss with you your individual smoking thoughts, behaviours and associations.

Step 2: I will combine this information with gentle yet powerful hypnotherapy techniques, creating a uniquely enjoyable experience from which I hope you will leave a healthy, calm, inspired non-smoker.

You will be taught self-hypnosis recording which reinforces the hypnotic parts of the treatment to keep you feeling relaxed and at ease.

My Promise to you

Although it would be unethical for me to offer you a 100% guarantee, this powerful, 2 hour, stop smoking hypnotherapy programme is a proven success. @ Oneness, also offers a four week after-care service, which means that if you are one of the very few who requires additional support, I will reappoint you with as many sessions as you feel are necessary within the four weeks following the initial treatment session. All you need to do is contact @ Oneness and you will be given the first available appointment.

Single, 2 Hour Stop smoking session is £195 or Stop Smoking with Aftercare package £350.

Is there a lifetime guarantee?

One of the fundamental principles of hypnosis is that as a client you must be motivated and dedicated to achieving your goal. Any thought, idea, suspicion that you don’t wish to become a non-smoker will most likely lead to eventual failure. The subconscious part of your mind works for you and only you, and no therapist can ever override your conscious choices.

Facilitiating a client to allow themselves a ‘one off’ cigarette, knowing they can always return for a follow-up hypnosis session whenever they ‘need’ will never lead to success. There is no such thing as ‘one cigarette’. As soon as you have one, your subconscious will assume you wish to become a smoker and enable you to become just that.

I am dedicated to helping people to become non-smokers, not ex-smokers. I am committed and dedicated to helping every one of my clients to quit smoking long-term so that after your four-week aftercare service has expired, smoking has simply become a long distant memory that never need bother you again.

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Stop Smoking without Weight Gain

You already know so much about the health problems, costs and other difficulties smoking causes. These can be used in the hypnosis session if you want. But many people worry about weight gain when they stop smoking.

@ Oneness, what we concentrate on in the session is is up to you. It depends on what you’ve told us about your own personal reasons for smoking and wanting to give up. The treatment is individual to you. It will be tailored specifically for your needs. If you worry about weight gain due to quitting smoking, then your session can also include suggestions about weight loss. This has been tried and tested many times, and is extremely effective.

Loose weight with hypnotherapy
Loose weight with hypnotherapy