Client Consent

Code of Care

  • The client and the therapist will be treated with respect at all times.

  • Disclosure of all information during the Initial Consultation and subsequent sessions will remain confidential.

  • A confidential space for sessions will be arranged where client therapist can not be overheard or observed in any way.

  • The hypnotherapist has a professional obligation to report to relevant authorities any concerns they believe where the client may intend to harm themselves, the therapist, or others.

  • If the client is receiving medical treatment then proper diagnosis must be sought when possible, and health professionals may be informed of hypnotherapy treatment.

  • This complies with the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis - Hypnotherapy Code of Ethics, of which Peter Rawcliffe is a member.

  • A copy of the BSCH Code of Ethics and is readily available on request.

  • The therapist has fully explained the procedures and treatment

  • Unless authorised by the therapist no recording or duplication of any material from any session including audio/visual and any intellectual property will be taken or shared.

  • I understand that there are no guarantees with Hypnotherapy and that all agreed sessions will be payable and nonrefundable.

  • When buying in advance I agree to use these sessions weekly unless otherwise agreed.

  • I understand that treatment may include self-learning and or self-application including listening to prerecorded track, self-hypnosis or seeking other advice from relevant third parties is an important and essential aspect to the treatment.

  • I understand the success of the treatment, in part, is determined by the desire to achieve the changes and the commitment to the format of the sessions.

  • I accept the fee payable and note the minimum 48 hours notice of cancellation that is required. If less than 48 hours notice is given the full fee is payable, except in an emergency.

  • A respectful relationship will be maintained between the client and the therapist.

Consent to Treatment

  • Data collected about the client is done so to enable the therapist to work safely and professionally in accordance with GDP. All data will be stored securely and destroyed as required by law.

  • If I believe you will cause serious physical harm to yourself or another person, or are at risk of abuse or neglect, then I will not be able to retain confidentiality and will need to inform my supervisor, your Doctor and/the relevant safeguarding body.

  • Any agreement to participate in Hypnotherapy sessions via Zoom is in the understanding that any Internet-based communication is not 100% guaranteed to be secure/confidential. My Online Hypnotherapy will make every reasonable effort to implement technical security measure to reduce the risk of a confidentiality breach.

  • I have read the privacy and encryption information for Zoom and agree that my hypnotherapist should not be held responsible if any outside party gains access to Zoom account information or transaction by bypassing online security measures.

Data Protection