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During your free hypnosis consultaion call we will discuss briefly what your current issue is and what outcome you are looking for. Also, I will ask you a few questions to get to know you a little better as a person, for example your likes and dislikes. 

What You’ll Do Before the Call

If you haven't already; take a look at the drop down list of treatments to read a little more. The best part is, that list of issues is only a fraction of what hypnotherapy can help with. If you can't find your particular issue, it is still very likely that I can help you achieve your goal.

What Happens at the End of the Call

If you're happy to proceed only then will we book your hypnotherapy session

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@ Oneness provides individual treatment plans based on your individual needs to support your journey.

Whilst the majority of my clients will have approximately four sessions, cessation of smoking is one session, additional sessions may be purchased by you for additional support or to deal with multiple requirements.

Individual sessions are charged at £65 unless otherwise stated. Discounts are available for students (on production of a valid ID card)and uniformed services (on production of Blue light card or similar).

Group sessions. If two or more people would like to attend sessions together this is possible provided that their goals are similar. These are usually habit, lack of will-power, snacking, or eating large portions.

Sessions are charged at the hourly rate plus £15 per additional person.

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Cessation of Smoking £195

2 Hour quit smoking session

Unlimited Four week after-care sessions

Whilst the majority of my clients stop smoking in just one session, others can benefit from further support.

My quit smoking hypnosis package includes a unlimited after-care service for total peace of mind, which means that if you are one of the very few who requires additional support, I will reappoint you with as many sessions as you feel are necessary within the four weeks following the initial treatment session.

This entire package costs £350.

Please explore my site to find out more or use the contact form to book your stop smoking hypnotherapy treatment

Cessation of Smoking Package

Use the contact form above to organise your FREE consultation session

@ Oneness we listen to you and your partners needs and create a plan to support your journey.

Couple & Family therapy sessions typically last between 60 & 90 minutes. With the majority of clients having up to six sessions

Couples & Family Therapy Sessions are charged at £65 per hour

A special rate of £55 per session is available for either individual attending couples therapy or member of the family unit attending family therapy who may wish to receive indivdual hypnotherapy. This rate will be available up to three months following the end of therapy.

Couples & Family Therapy

Online therapy is flexible support that fits around your lifestyle, and is just as effective as face-to-face therapy. @ Oneness we discuss your preference for therapy during your free consultation.

Online therapy can be more convenient and allows for greater flexibility and availability.

Clients often use a combination of both face-to-face and online therapy to suit their needs,

Get the help you need regardless of your schedule or location.

Standard Online Sessions £52.50 per 60 min session

Online Therapy

@ Oneness Hypnotherapy we offer tailored programs that incorporate hypnosis for business success for business owners, managers, team members and entrepreneurs.

Individual and group therapy sessions start from £65 per hour.

Business specific support packages are offered to suit your specific business goals.

Use the contact form to discuss the best plan for you.

Corporate Packages