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Confidence & Self-Esteem

What is Confidence?

When you’re confident you can say what you want, go where you want and do whatever you want, without unnecessary anxiety, self-consciousness, worry or uncertainty. But if you’re not confident it’s difficult to just go ahead and do things. Instead, you worry about them first. What if I say the wrong thing? What if there’s a big crowd?  What if I have a panic attack? What if I can’t get home? What if I blush!

The list of possible “what ifs” and worries is endless!

Good Self Esteem

If you have good self-esteem, you can do new things, make decisions, meet people, and trust your own judgements. You have a healthy, realistic and positive opinion of yourself.

You feel comfortable about how and where you fit into the world. You’re aware of your abilities. You stand up for what you believe in when others don’t agree with you. When you have confidence, you know what it is about you that makes you unique, important, and of value. Good self-esteem means you find it easy to be assertive to say what you feel and think without embarrassment. You don’t worry about upsetting other people.

What is Low Self Esteem?

People with low self-esteem often put themselves down. They feel unable to stand their ground and are more likely to suffer from stress, anxiety and worry. Low self-esteem sometimes means feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope with everyday life. You may have difficulty accepting compliments. You’re always comparing yourself with others.

Rather than feeling confident about your achievements and experiences, you’re more likely to be preoccupied with your flaws and weaknesses. You might think of yourself as shy or quiet. Because of this you feel a need for frequent reassurance. Low self-esteem can result in you lacking the confidence to make changes in your life, as you feel that you probably won’t succeed. It leads to fear of failure. So, you tell yourself that it is easier not to try, rather than risk the embarrassment of failing.

Low Self Esteem means you compare yourself harshly with others

If you suffer from low self-esteem or suffer from shyness, you may compare yourself with others. Inevitably they will seem happier than you, as you are so preoccupied with worry, stress and anxiety.  This comparison makes you feel even worse, and your confidence and self-esteem drop further. Hypnosis can help you to break away from this self-destructive pattern by enabling you to experience deep hypnotic relaxation and to switch off from the constant worry of comparing yourself with others, thinking that you need to lose weight or change your appearance, worrying about what you say, criticising yourself, feeling anxiety about how you look and what you do.

Hypnosis helps you break free from Low Self Esteem

Whilst you are in hypnosis, specific suggestions will be made to help you easily recognise those negative thought patterns that currently affect you. You will be able to replace those thoughts with more positive ones. Hypnosis allows you to focus without distraction on the specific qualities and abilities which make you who you are. Hypnotherapy and hypnosis will help you break free of the pattern of negative thoughts, allowing you to improve confidence and build up your self-image. You’ll learn and give yourself the respect and approval you deserve.

Hypnosis teaches you to value yourself, regardless of other people’s views or expectations. Hypnosis enables self-development and helps you to build confidence. You will be taught self-hypnosis, to enable you to reproduce the hypnotic state you experience in the sessions at any time you want. You can learn to stop going over conversations in your head, time and time again, after they have happened – hypnosis also teaches you to relax before social or work occasions, without feeling the need to plan conversations in advance or worry about what to say to people.


Those with low self-esteem may feel self-conscious, worrying that others are noticing everything you say or do, or don’t say or don’t do. You may find that you repeat to yourself conversations you have had, trying to remember whether you said, or didn’t say, a certain thing, and feeling embarrassed or anxious at what you remember. You may be very, very conscious of what you say and how you act, leaving you unable to act naturally or feel comfortable when spending time with others. This crippling shyness and lack of confidence in social situations often leads to further stress and anxiety.

You’re more likely to suffer from a variety of anxiety related conditions, such as insomnia, anger and irritability, relationship problems such as jelousy and insecurity, drug and alcohol abuse and even phobias. Individuals who experience anxiety and stress are far more likely to develop a phobia than people who aren’t anxious.

Anger and Irritability

If you’re not confident it can be hard to say what you really think. This can lead to expressing yourself in an inappropriate way. You might find fault, be negative or blame others. You might lose your temper and feel irritable. If you don’t say what you think when you think it, feelings are bottled up and can eventually come out in an aggressive or irritable way.

This then leads to further self-doubt and worrying about what others think about how you’ve behaved. It’s a vicious circle. If this is a problem, then assertiveness training and anger management can help. This enables you to build confidence about social situations.

Self Image

Some people who don’t feel comfortable with themselves can be very critical of their own appearance. This can become a real obsession. You end up thinking about it all the time. It can lead to a preoccupation with food which itself can lead to binge eating or excessive dieting.

Treatment to make you better about EVERYTHING

If you are preoccupied with your appearance, hypnosis will help you to focus on ALL your qualities, not just how you look. Hypnosis allows you to think more realistically about relationships and what people find attractive; you will focus on the fact that people like other people as a package and be reminded that your looks are not the sole basis for attracting others.

People really aren’t attracted for long by looks alone; it is other qualities which make long term relationships work. The way you behave is more important than the way you look. Hypnotherapy enables you to internalise these thoughts, until they become second nature to you.

Build Confidence with Hypnosis

If you suffer from low confidence or have self-esteem issues, hypnotherapy and hypnosis offer various ways to help you. Whilst you are in hypnosis you will be encouraged to focus on what it is about you which are unique and special; what it is about you that you value. So much feedback we receive is negative – for the obvious reason that people don’t feel they need to comment on something if it doesn’t need to be changed, and so the things we’re good at often seem to go unnoticed, as no-one says anything about them. People think that because you appear competent and capable at a certain thing that you can’t possibly need positive feedback.

It’s therefore an easy mistake to focus too much on the few things which we’d like to improve, rather than the vast majority which are perfectly OK as they are. We take for granted the things we do well, because they are the things which come naturally, or we’ve spent time learning and developing them. We don’t pay as much attention as we should to our skills and achievements. After a while they simply become such an integral part of us that we no longer notice that those things are in fact special. It is easy to forget that those things which seem easy for us may seem to others to be difficult, challenging and to require skill and focus. Hypnosis will help to remind you of just what you have achieved and why those things are valuable.